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SWIM – Smart Water management

a Nokia veturi project 2021-2023

Smart water management has become a megatrend in the world. The global smart water network market is estimated to be about USD 22 billion and to grow by 6–18% annually, depending on the sector.

Through the SWIM  project technology solution providers will demonstrate the total added value from digital solutions. Jointly, these partners form a diverse ecosystem of smart water network management, which will also connect to Nokia Operations Platform. New services and technologies are developed and demonstrated to further increase the ecosystem competence.

In particular, this project will tackle key barriers for digital technology adoption at water utilities such as cybersecurity issues, systems integration and interoperability, meter reliability and capacities targeting common development towards open architecture and standardisation.

The novelty of research lays in the approach towards creating a globally applicable, resource efficient smart platform with versatile capabilities and technologies that together enables utilities and water intensive industries to manage their water networks in accordance with future customer demand and service requirements.



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SWIM-project coordinator:
Mona Arnold, VTT

Funded by Business Finland

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